A blog is an informational site published in the World Wide Web containing posts in chronological order. The topics depend on the niche and the target audience of the blog owner. Creating a blog, reading a blog and posting comments on a blog are incredible Internet marketing strategies to date. Through a blog, people are able to share and get the information they need.


For example, a business man sees having a blog as the most powerful marketing tool. He created a blog to build a business community where his visitors can leave comments on his published content. The frequent or occasional visitors of his blog become prospects. These people are then converted to paying customers. A blog, thus, is capable of generating you the leads that you desire.


 Advantages of Having a Blog

Watch the video by the Blogger Ryan Penneau briefly explaining the advantages of Blogging


A blog is one of the less expensive methods and most powerful online tools for your company to be noticed by your target market. It is an avenue to share a company’s or an entrepreneur’s thought leadership or expertise. A blog increases brand awareness and credibility, which are crucial aspects of Internet marketing success.

Anyone can create a personal blog to express his ideas and share his insights to people all over the world. He can write and post relevant topics that can put her in a terrific SEO ranking. His blog becomes the gateway for endless business opportunities especially if he consistently provides high-quality content. Remember, content is king, and it is what keeps visitors from coming back to your blog. According to blogging.org, there are about 31 million bloggers in the U.S. alone, might as well publish significant content. Don’t just own a blog but provide a worthwhile visitor experience.

Create a blog to let people around the world find out about your business, company, products or services. Share your expertise and passion. Connect with your family, friends and everyone else around the world. Keep an interactive and engaging blog and discover how you can create money through your blog. Check out How to Blog your Way to Success.


Reference: Annetta Powell

Came across this great video with Will Smith and his wife Jada Piket Smith interviewing the president of the United States of America Barak Obama. This is a great video that shows the intelligence of the president and the power of the support of his wife the first lady Michelle Obama.


There is a lot of conflict going on right now about how the president has not done anything since in office. Well I don’t really like to talk about it much because the fact is people are not giving the president his credit for what he has done for the country since he been in office. Of course there are things that did not work well because of the mess Bush left us in. So its going to take a little more time for him to get things together. But he has made great progress.


Forward this.


More information on Barak Obama’s achievements.

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"What is your "WHY"


This subject has come up alot since I have been in Network Marketing. That is, whats your “WHY” I hear a lot of people tell the story of what their why is and it has touched me in many ways. I sure have a why of even trying to succeed at what I do. But when I listen to speakers like Eric Thomas, he lets me realize that me, like a lot of others I have heard give the story about their why, we still do not have enough drive or motivation to do the things we need to do to succeed for that why. We have to keep that motive important so we can have that extra push we need to reach our goals.

I love listen to E.T because he gives it to us straight. And every time I listen to him I realize something different I could be doing to reach my dream, something more I could be doing, something extra and better, the sacrifices I should be taking to get to the point In my life to make things happen.

As E.T said, making it is not enough. We need to have motive for making it. The drive to get to where we want to be and when we get there what was our motive our why. I know a lot of people that fit this statement:

 ”If your not careful, your talent will take you places that your character can not keep you.” 

Eric Thomas said this in the video below that your about the watch. Its probably the most profound statement I have ever heard. We have to be careful to have the right character after we become successful  because bad character like E.T. said, will ruin you once your on top. That’s where having a why is so important, having a motive to get where you want to be in life.

So watch this video and pay close attention to what Eric Thomas is saying. Its very powerful.


Very powerful, I love it. I am going to use these speeches to keep me focused on my why, my motive, and making sure my character is passionate enough to keep my talent speaking for itself. God bless you all.

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Another great motivation video from E.T Eric Thomas. I love listening to this guy. When ever I’m feeling down and out or like things are not going fast enough for me or the way I would like for them to go I listen to this guy. He gets me motivated enough to keep pushing, keep trying and staying focused. I have listened to a lot of motivational speakers and I like E.T the best because he puts so much energy into his speeches. It just gets you pumped.

If it was easy, everybody would do it.


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To all the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct-Sales haters/ignorance: Know this, Ever since this business model started to develop in the 50′s with pioneer companies like Amway  Shaklee and AVON, Melealeuca, Agel, Herbalife and Mary Kay continuing with the evolution it had steadily grown for the last 20yrs with actual growth of 91% in the last decade. Today, Network Marketing industry spans the globe in over 100 countries with over $120 billion dollars in sales each year (over $30 billion in US alone). It makes you wonder why Warren Buffet, and companies like Virgin, Remington Industries, Sara Lee, Time Warner are buying direct sales companies??? In fact, Buffet’s Berkshire Hataway holding company owns three direct sales companies. And Buffet said: “Dollar for dollar, its the best investment I’ve ever made”. Fortune magazine calls the Network Marketing industry “The best kept secret in the business world”.

Warren Buffet on his involvement in network marketing. Warren Buffet stated that buying his first network marketing company and getting involved in an industry that helps and impacts so many people as “the best investment decision I ever made”. Buffet has subsequently bought several other network marketing companies.


Here is interesting fact: in the 50′s – 60′s When franchising industry was introduced in the US most people could not get “Why would I have to pay someone to run my business under their name”… people used to say it was a rip off. Over the next 5 decades franchising had grown and proven to be a very legit form of doing business. And today, same thing is happening with Network Marketing industry. People still say that its a rip off but looking at what is going on in today’s world I guarantee it that in next 10-15 yrs if you wont be building residual income with Network Marketing company you won’t even be cool. Many Americans are making this statement already but soon you will hear these statements more and more: “I’m a banker but I also do Network Marketing”, “I’m an accountant but I also do Network Marketing”, “I’m a doctor but I also do Network Marketing”, “Im a politician but I also do Network Marketing”… don’t believe it?… just wait.


Reference: Damon Brooks

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